CoActiveSoft is a software innovator. We build products in two categories:

1. Targeted projects to improve business for a customer

2. New software inventions to enhance or disrupt markets

Our team members have decades of experience in delivering software solutions for multiple Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Boeing, IBM, and Starbucks. We have worked across a wide range of industries such as humanitarian non-governmental organizations (NGO) like PATH, healthcare, law enforcement, and the Department of Defense.

Having acquired these skills at organizations that expect top-quality product, we realized that there is an enormous market of small and mid-sized businesses that have a need for mission-specific software, but do not have the deep resources to have a dedicated software engineering department.

Our customer-focused projects involve gaining a deep understanding of our customers’ business processes, and implementing solutions that drive efficiency, business insight, eliminate single points of failure, and improve their customers’ experiences.

Beyond serving the needs of those businesses, we also create and incubate new businesses around software in untapped or under-served markets.

CoActiveSoft creates self-sufficient, profitable subsidiary businesses for licensing or sale as turnkey products.

Using Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS), we deliver quality web and mobile products that integrate seamlessly with each other and web-based services as needed.

Current Customer
We are currently building a suite of software and data analysis tools for Family Best Care, LLC. Family Best Care is an industry leader in Western Washington, providing top quality in-home and assisted living caregiving services.

The new Family Best Care software package is allowing for efficient role-based activities that maximize the caregiving experience and allow the company to deliver ever-increasing value to their clients.

Our mission

We aim to provide the best solution available for managing in-home service businesses. This means learning the business processes of our customers, and developing tools to complete these processes in the most efficient manner possible. By eliminating paper and reducing the number of software products our customers must use, we believe that we can help our customers maximize their time and become more profitable.


We believe that our success depends on our customer’s satisfaction and success. Because of this, we develop software that we would want to use, and provide the support that we would want to receive.


In addition to providing an excellent software product, we also provide services to help our customers get started. We realize that transitioning to a new system can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task, and we try to ease this process with the following services:

  • In-person training (greater Seattle area)
  • Personalized web-based training
  • Initial data entry of employee and customer information

Please feel free to contact us!

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Bellvue, WA 98009

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